Judge Blue's Office

Judge Blue's Office

  • <p>Judge Blue Office</p> <p>Judge Blue Office</p>

Alexander Blue was a prosperous farmer who served as Justice of the Peace from 1846 to 1874. He also served as township assessor and township supervisor for a short period of time.

According to the 1860 Wayne County map, Alexander Blue’s office was located north of his home on the east side of Middle Belt. In later years, the building was moved across the road and was used as a farm outbuilding.

The office is a small, single-story, rectangular building with clapboard siding. The upper portion of the interior walls is plastered, and the lower area is wainscoted.

The Blue office was donated by the Matevia family and moved to Greenmead, where it is now a part of the Livonia Historical Village.

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