Newburg School

Newburg School

The original Newburg School was a small log structure built in 1831.

In 1861, the log building was replaced with a new one room frame school building built for $400. The interior consisted of one classroom and a cloakroom.

In addition to teaching, the teacher was also responsible for the cleaning and heating of the building. The room was to be in a comfortable condition at 8:00 A.M. The recommended temperature was 60 degrees. The teacher was paid $220 for a four month school term. The teacher was also required to remain at the schoolhouse during noontime without additional compensation.

In 1872, there were 62 pupils attending Newburg school; ranging in age from 4 to 20 years.

The frame building was used until 1922, when it was replaced with a four room brick school.

Newburg school was donated to the city and moved to Livonia Historical Village at Greenmead in March of 1987.

School children from our area schools can have a One Room School day experience. Teachers may contact the office at 248-477-7375.

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